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    Poro-Pekan Pirtti (built in 1894) is situated near river Ounasjoki in historically valuable traditional landscape and it is the old main building of reindeer farm. We are 50 kilometers from Rovaniemi citycenter little up from the Arctic Circle. The great-grandfather of the present owner, once built the log house for his family. We are happy to tell you more about our reindeerfarm and its history.

    The atmosphere in our Pirtti is very peaceful and you can almost feel how the time stops as the hundred-year-old clock ticks on the wall.

    In the Pirtti there is also a baking oven, which the lady of the house uses to bake bread and different traditional dishes.

    Pirtti’s farmyard also includes an old cowshed and a stable with a spacious renovated assembly room for about 100 people. Incredibly beautiful riverside scenery opens from the loft.

    A beautiful nature surrounds our farm; the River Ounasjoki flows alongside and there are only a couple of kilometers to the River Meltausjoki and River Laisentiajoki. These rivers give you an opportunity to fish both in the summer and in the winter. We also can organize different trips like trip to the forest with snowshoes or icefishing-trip.