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    Poro-Pekan Pirtti posti@poropekanpirtti.com Tel. 040 847 3227

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    Come and visit Poro-Pekan Pirtti to learn more about the reindeer breeders’ life. Our Pirtti is open to order, so you should send email or call before you are coming. You can have your meal here; we prepare the food in the northern tradition, using as much local material as possible. Also you can rent a cottage or holiday home with sauna. If you want we can organize some activities like Visit to Poro-Pekka Reindeer farm, Icefishing-trip, Cross-country skiing-trip, trip to the forest with snowshoes or you can rent a traditional campfire-place "Laavu".

    In the winter there are reindeer in the farm so it is possible to feed the reindeer on lichen in the fence and take some pictures. You can even go for a reindeer ride if we have snow enough. Usually we have snow from December to March - April.

    We are also happy to show the old objects belonging to the farm and to share the history of the Pirtti and the way of life of the people who had lived here since 1894.

    You can hold, for instance, meetings, evening gatherings or refreshment days for your company’s employers. We also arrange different parties with catering.

    In summertime from May to September we arrange peat-sauna near by the Riverside in our farmyard, which has the capacity for 2-5 people at a time. If you wish to experience the peat-sauna is nice and inwardly helpful.